For professionals and students of psychology & counseling

"Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul."
-Carl Jung-

Supervision is additional input and training to the official training and qualification
of psychologist and counselor, and provides you with a space to expand your
knowledge or fine-tune your practice in order to facilitate optimal results for the
clients you serve as change-agent.

As supervisor I assist both qualified psychologists and counselors, as well as
students of psychology and counseling, to broaden their knowledge and
treatment approaches with the aim to assist clients, according to the clients own
pace and needs, to move toward true self-actualization and authentic living. It
also aims at assisting professionals and counselors with case
supervision—meaning assisting therapists who experience a feeling of
“stuckness” with specific and/or challenging cases; managing/clearing “blind-
spots”; maintaining appropriate professional boundaries for both the therapist
and client; as well as how to identify and fine-tune therapeutic intuition as guide;
working with unfinished business that creates therapeutic drain; and managing
and preventing burnout.

Supervision further involves the practicalities of private practice set-up and
administration; generating and growing a client base; medical aid claims; bad
debt management—ie an overall “how-to” on an owner-managed private

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